Friday, November 5, 2010

Night time Depression

The night time is always pretty sad and depressing, especially when you know you have a lot of work to finish and you have nobody to talk to or do anything. However, if there is no work, the night time is pretty much the best thing ever. At night time, if I had no work, I would like to go out to the city and check things out. Always awesome with the ability to do things like that. The worse nights are Sunday nights which is like Monday there is school and that just kills the whole night.

During the night time is also when I think about negative thoughts. Things like college that might stress me out or how bad my future may be. These things just make the experience worse and with work can just lead to thoughts of pretty much suicide. However, I am not that type of kid and I think, I should just relax during those kinds of nights. Its just that thinking about it makes it worse so why not just relax. The thing about relaxing is that once that is done, you can't really start working. So those are like the pros and cons.

Another thing that I don't like is that during night time, if I am still at school and there are others as well. We just completed an activity and everyone is leaving. During that time everyone talks to their friends but I am just left there alone and staring into the night sky. Then they all have rides home and are happy, it is depressing for me because I guess I don't have the luxury. So the best way I deal with it is just putting on my headphones and just start walking out alone. I like to leave with some kind of respect even though nobody would care. It just makes it a little better.

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