Current Goals

I have no friends at all and I am one of those teenagers whose life sucks or at least thinks that his life sucks. Things are always going wrong in my life and instead of bottling it in, I decided to just make a blog about it. I like to stay consistent because I know that if I am consistent, people will eventually come. This is one of the many lessons I learned. Sure, I didn't write a post about it, but I will eventually. I hope you guys stay and read some of my posts at least because it would really mean so much to me. I have nothing in life and that is not good, I am also in a state of depression.

Please read at least one of my posts to understand what this blog is totally about, if you don't like it then you may close the site but just read at least one before leaving. Also, if you like it, please favorite the blog or at least follow me so I could accomplish my goals. It would be a nice thing to do.

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Work Goals
Get Focused
Learn how to understand a question
Don't Focus on Syntax
Understand the Broader Things

Old Goals
One Follower - Accomplished November 2010
Five Followers - Accomplished (Thanks to SiNistra)