Thursday, December 9, 2010

Opening Up Comments

Well, its about time to comment on some of my writing. Initially, I did not want to open it up because it feels too damn lonely because nobody likes reading my posts. If people come and see no comments, then people will be like this guy has no other readers or friends. However, I do like feedback and opinion from people who read the posts. I will sometimes follow-up to some of the comments. I assure you guys that I will shut down the comments again, if two things happen.

If these two things are true, then I am shutting down comments:
1. If Spam Comes Up
2. If Nobody Ever Comments

I can assure any spammer that if you do start giving me shit, I will make it ten times worse for you, so BE WARNED! Anyone can post and please be constructive....


  1. I don't understand why you would 'shut down' comments if nobody ever comments. What would be the need? No comments equals no comments, whether it's because no one does or because it is not possible. Undoubtedly there are people following you 'anonymously' and reading your posts. Perhaps they are hesitant to publicly 'follow' you until they find out more about you and decide whether they want their 'name' associated with you. I'm one of those. Just keep on posting your thoughts and beliefs, and assume people are reading. After a while they will come out of the woodwork. After all, you are being quite a bit secretive about yourself too.

  2. It is quite interesting to see life(comments) on this blog. Thank you for commenting and I guess you are right about that. Things should reveal themselves in good time.