Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Swim or Die

Improving academically is the only thing I could say that may work, but socially still weak. I am working on it, but since my decline academically, there is no more time to work on social, so the only choice I have is to improve academically. As of now, it is either sink or die, so I think die would be a better option, but sink is the only option that is currently opened to me. Standardized testings really suck, but there are some loopholes that could be found, so one can exploit them. It will be much better than just trying hard, I have to try hard and exploit as much as I can. It is survival in the fittest out in the Jungle and I am not going to allow the next buffoon to  jump over me like nothing. I am going to fight it out and kill everyone.

Since it is unlikely to happen, we must wait and see what happens. This is a true story and it is going to get more violent as we move along. We shall truly see what happens soon.. Hopefully the best will prevail.... I will write more about this later.

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