Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lies and Deceptions

I am constantly being fed with lies and deceptions. The world is round not flat one would say, but who are the ones that are actually feeding us this kind of information? Life is a lie and people lie to gain advantageous, I am sure not all are like this, but most are. I am a victim of this because I am sometimes too nice to others. They lie to me so they could take my money and other processions. I am not going to stand for this and will change my habits to adjust to the world around me. If they want to lie to me, I will detect their lie and will always retract. However everything is about respect and that is what really matters. Whether or not people respect you or not. I am going through a rough time and I respect people who do waste time reading this. I sometimes feel bad that I waste other peoples time. I really hope one day that one of these posts will actually help. I'll probably delete it soon, so all you haters, don't worry about it. I got you covered.

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