Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Working Hard?

I am not sure if I started working harder than usual or it is just the regular everyday workload. I feel that I have been eliminated as a potential nice person and has been regarded as malicious and evil. Nobody knows me anymore which is good, but I have gained rather a bad rep throughout my academic career. This is a negative because, now I will not be able to take advantage of anything and will have to work hard for it. I have finally figured out the formula for understanding one course of education and now 8 more to go. Things have been busy lately and I haven't had time to do anything at all. I can see why no other blog updates anymore. It is because updating is pointless and whatever problem they already had is over.

The person I had a mutual respect for or the first person is now gone. I have lost everything and things are just getting worse. I have not only lost respect, but I lost respect for myself. Things are never good anymore. Gloomy days soon will follow.

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