Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Meh, everyone surpasses me all around and I am the one always stuck behind, but you know what? Fuck Them.

SELF-RELIANCE is the key. All one needs is himself and then things will be better. I must start practicing this concept and have people come to me. It actually has been working but I was thinking about pushing it into a more extreme. Instead of getting angry about it, I use the energy to do more productive things.

I have been very depressed lately around this time but I have actually started to get work done. This is probably because I have built up my resistance  into a higher level. Like back to my old-self last year. This time though, I am starting to like it but from the above is what I do hate. The stuff going on above has just been pissing me off and I need to avoid it because there are always better people out there. However this brings me to my next point.

Since I haven't been doing too well in school, it has hit me that I won't get into the next level of the great holy education which everyone needs in this country. This is most unfortunate because I would be disappointed.  However, I think life is going to be more easy and open so I must keep my eyes opened. There are things out there and I have to take the best opportunities. Friends will only slow one down and especially me. Other people's happiness brings me down and that is truly sad. I will find a way around it and will post.

Did you know that there was a study that the other person may actually be more depressed than you when you think they are happy. Doesn't that already make you happy?

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