Thursday, May 19, 2011

Being Good Actor of Life?

Referring back to a comment made in Finding Out, I wanted to make a reply on this.

 I am not a smart person, maybe lazy but not smart. I think that I may know a few people that are smart and are happy, but this may not be the case. We could have a case from a book called Flowers for Algernon, even though it is based on a fictional story, it makes a strong point. The main character Charlie is considered retarded, but has a nice and simple life. He is lucky to be in such position because not many are lucky enough to be in his shoes. When a new medical procedure on increasing intelligence was made successful to the mouse, the scientists decided to try it on Charlie. This was a huge risk but after Charlie's surgery, his intelligence increased but throughout the story, he was not happy due to the world and discoveries on how things actually worked. At the end, when he lost all his intelligence, it seemed that he was happier with his former self.

Now, it seems that your profile fits the case of Charlie, unless I am interpreting the whole thing wrong. In reality, there are many smart people who are happy. This brings us to another question of the differences between smart. Either smart as in booksmarts where the person gets As in every class with no other knowledge or streetsmarts where the person understands and has a vast amount of knowledge beyond the classroom. There should be another term for these but I will use them for now. I want to ask about what kind of  "smart" you are talking about. People that I know who are smart are equally happy, but the question is are they really happy. Are they doing something that I am not doing? Are they being an actor and taking advantage while being smart at the same time?

 Maybe everything is an illusion and we are growing up in a society where the "real" issues are being hidden. Our big brother wants us to be associated with local issues such as "What Dress She is wearing for the Prom?"and school related dramas. However, where I am living, the issues are college and the scores which are supposed to be produced. The real world is not forgiving and I know that. Others think that they could be together forever, even though technically they can and will try, but it depends on the people. Am I missing out on future benefits due to people in my local area having the mentality that being together may work? Their success is my failure.

Can we play dumb and be smart at the same time? Like being a good actor in life? It may work, but I feel that it will fail at the end since one person may not be able to take the bullshit anymore. How can one get dumber by acting? Does acting actually influence and change the process of thinking? Are my smart friends who are happy do not realize that they have been consumed and becoming more dumb everyday? So many questions that must be discussed and figured out. I guess it is up to me to go the long route and figure it out the hard way.

What a world we live in...


Thanks for leaving a comment Anonymous, it makes me think more. If you would like to reply, just reply under this thread with your thoughts and maybe answers to some of my questions. Others may follow up as well.


  1. I'm not talking about book smart because I don't really consider them smart.. Being able to memorize a book and be patient enough to study hard for a test is just patience and good memory. Not smart or intelligent... Being able to see how we live in a messed up world is the real smart... Of course there is a definition for the word smart but each one of us has a different meaning for the word based on the dictionary definition. That said, I think a person is really smart when they can see how the world truly flows.. Being able to see that we are all animals that have the instinct of self-preservation and we are all selfish no matter what we do.

    People around you are happy because they don't see that world.. They know it in theory and deep down but their mind is blocked and they cannot access the real truth.

    We are nothing without the help of other people but we also are nothing if we don't have people to look down.. We have always to be better than someone else so our ego can be satisfied... Being that kind of an actor is really hard.. I try to be one.. I don't talk about this things to my friends because they won't understand it.. Because if I do I am just gonna be the weirdo who talks about strange things and that will only harm myself. So I try to be like everybody.

    One gets dumber by acting because without noticing, it becomes real and not an act. You cave yourself to the meaningless things in life and you get sentimental and not rational. You begin to give importance to things like "What Dress She is wearing for the Prom?".

    I have tons of friends and I go out everyday and every night... I'm still not happy.. I try to make myself believe that I will find love and finally be happy.. But that is just hope.. Another thing that all human beings have that sometimes just fucks the hole world deal. If I find my "true love" and still not be happy I'm just screwing with another persons life.

    I think that the perfect ingredient for happiness is love, money and stupidity. Stupidity often brings you love that brings you happiness. Money usually is about luck. Can be from hard work but usually is from luck...

    I know that what I'm saying really doesn't help much but the point is to make you think and reach your own goals and your own conclusions.

    I'm not afraid of death. Death is the easiest part.. Pain is the hard part.. While we live, we suffer and that causes pain.. Why not kill yourself? I don't know... Hope... Self-preservation.. Animal instincts..

    We are all animals...

    Sorry about my English. I try my best to make you understand what I'm saying but I'm limited about this language since its not my native one.

  2. You are wise my friend. I hope you continue reading on my pointless posts to the conclusion. I will take what you said to mind and will never forget it. Thank You

  3. I will. I've never found a blog this interesting. Keep Up