Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quick Years

The years have definitely gone by quickly and as soon as I know it, things will be different. There is no change in that and I realize it. I also realize is that I have to move on and stop closing myself in. I think that is the reason why I am in such a bad position. People have moved on already and I am still stuck. I fear that it is already too late and that the bandwagon has passed. I have decided to stop wasting time with meaningless things and to start spending more time on the things that matter.

I will be including that part of my journey in this blog that nobody reads. Hopefully someone will find it useful. I will probably be destroying all the evidence of this site so that nobody could see in the future. Who knows, like I said before things change quickly so moods change faster.

I stand alone and will continue to do so until I give up and start talking. My friends have left me behind, I am as good as dead and nobody will care.

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