Monday, November 15, 2010

First Follower?

Blogging is harder than it looks since there really aren't any incentives but I could make some if I wanted to. Today I had a pleasant day but the night was terrible. It was not good because of some unfortunate events that have occurred. Things tend to go slower at night but are more stressful because of the amount of work that is piled up on your shoulder. I tend to do things more quick however because everything must be rushed. This is not the right way to do it. I just do not understand some people, but I do understand that if some people make you do something, you should put it off no matter what. Even when they threaten you, just pretend there is nothing to be done and in your mind, there won't be anything because you wouldn't have to care about anything. Since this blog sucks and has nothing useful except for what I have in mind I just hope the readers carry on.

Just wanted to say that I got my first follower, I am not sure if it was today or a while ago but a follower is a follower. This is my first step towards enlightenment because I actually have at least one reader that may benefit from reading through this garbage text. I wouldn't call it garbage text myself because I wrote it but other people might. Bad things usually happen to me and it will probably be worse in the future. I am waiting for it, so I could grab it at the throat and choke it to death. It is only time that is standing between me and death, we will see what happens at the end.

There is a school event coming up and I am planning on attending. Just to practice some concepts that I have thought up for myself. Life isn't all good and the storm has yet to come.

Oh yea, one more thing before I leave... I guess I will continue to write but nobody really cares. I hope that follower just benefits from reading from it. Thanks for following :)

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