Friday, November 5, 2010

About Yesterday and Goals

So as you guys could see if you read any of my posts, I am pretty much in some weird depressed state. Doing homework may be helpful but for me, homework is just a nuisance and very annoying. Even though it is annoying, I think that doing homework is beneficial but like I said before from my "Starting Homework" post, it is too hard to start homework. Also, I was suppose to start it yesterday, but I still never started it yet because there is no reward for it. I am definitely sure that if I started it now, I would love doing it and that is the weird thing.

So what are my goals from this pointless blog? Well lets see, I am thinking about writing as much as I could and I will end the blog in 2012. So from now to 2012, my goal is to at least have 1 person to follow this blog or at least 1 person that this blog has helped. This might be impossible but hopefully, I will get there eventually. After this goal is achieved, I will post up my new goals daily.

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