Sunday, November 21, 2010

Best iPod Touch Texting/Voice App

TEsTing 123 TexTing
So I have decided to do something informative because the crowd might like it. This may not be so perfect but this is one of my goals of this blog. Provide some type of useful information while telling a linear story of my life as I see it now. Now I never liked this service texting as it cost money and who would want to use it while MSN was available right? I avoided Texting and many things at all cost until I met someone that lived long distance and we had nice conversations. So I decided to say "Fuck it" and went on google to search for the best Free Texting Service for the iPod Touch.

Texting App Options

Well I looked on Google and it spit out some results and I was confused as I was a new iPod owner. A couple of apps that you may have been familiar of when you guys did your research would be TextPlus, TextFree, or TextNow. Well those are old results and what I want to say is that forget about TextPlus and TextNow. I decided to go with TextFree because they offered a free # and provides both Texting and Voice but I will get into that later. So I go to the App Store and download the App and got everything setup. I send my first text to the friend I met and it worked perfectly. Everything was nice and good to go, I have been testing this App since September and it is the best. I don't even need to look at the others as I heard the quality of those apps have gone down from posts and reviews from various forums. 

What about the Peel 520???
The first time I heard about the Peel 520 I thought it was a great idea and it would be nice to incorporate into the device. I had the money and was ready to purchase it but I did more research and found out that there were still bugs in the software and I would recommend that people just wait for this product until more positive reviews come out. Besides with TextFree, there is no need for the Peel 520 since they have been incorporating the TextFree Voice feature into the App so people with the mic which should be included with the iPod Touch should be able to call friends and family with a dedicated number so others could call you back. I would have to say the quality is very good depending on the WiFi connection. It is good quality and could pass as a Verizon Call Quality. The TextFree Voice feature is currently in Beta and is invitational only but I got mine in like the first month, so you could definitely get yours quicker. I only text one person so you should have no problems getting selected for beta.

Well, the thing about this app is that you need to be within a WiFi wireless network for it to work. But I would have to assume that you understand that, since you are looking for an Texting App that runs for the iPod Touch. If you want a constant connection, I guess the Peel 520 or the new thing released by Sprint which is the Sprint ZTE Peel, but those things are not free. The TextFree app is the best free app for texting out there and I recommend it for everyone. Once you go with TextFree, you won't want to switch. Oh yea, one more thing is that for the TextFree Voice Beta, you have a certain amount of minutes but the thing is you have to pay to get more minutes but there is also another option which is downloading random apps to get free minutes. So basically you just have to download random apps and just keep adding up minutes, shouldn't be a problem but just wanted to let you guys know.

Update - 5/9/2011
Yea, the TextFree update has been a good one. I like using it and would still recommend it. However, there are some other services that I may not know about that you may want to check out. If you want a stable nice solid app, TextFree is your choice, but if you want to see more in the horizon, be my guest and check others out.

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