Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moving On

If you have just seen that other post Best Ipod Touch Texting/Voice App I made, I thought it was okay. So here is the background info of how I got into this kind of texting service thing.

I was on my way back from Asia going home when I met this person. We would have nice communications and that person recommended me to get Texting, I did not like the idea of it at first but then went along since that person lives a long way from my house. So I did my research and tested the product of TextFree and it was perfect, it had the mix of Texting/Voice and everything was nice. So I guess that was pretty good. I will update you guys if I have any second opinions on the TextFree. I do have something to say about the Peel 520 though, I just think people should wait until they get it.
Now Moving on, I wanted to give a shout out or say Hi to Lel from Lel1996's Stardoll Blog. I guess I wanted to do it because I kind of left a spam comment but it wasn't really but it would be nice to talk to her some time to get opinions and ideas.

I was reading a little bit on her blog and I realized that she went through some struggles similar towards mine but in different ways. So I hope if she ever reads this, I guess I am here to say I am with her on it. Even though I must start from scratch, if I read correctly, she had the support of YouTube and an already established community base.

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