Monday, November 22, 2010

Just a Suggestion and After School Goals

Well, I figured it out, yesterday or I should say today rather, I tried to stay up all night thinking that I would finish my homework while I was up. Turns out that it does not work like that and I just end up sleeping in front of the table but waking up to thinking about homework. It was one of the worst experiences and then I decided to just go to the bed and when I woke up like thirty minutes before school, I am able to start working again. So I guess the best idea is to get as much sleep as possible and waking up to be well focused and organized. This is a lesson learned by me and I learned it the hard way. I wasted so much time trying to stay awake that I could have just slept through it and woke up to do work. Now that this idea is complete I also would add that always start out homework with English because answering questions keep the pace going. I also use to think that music helped with homework and now I am starting to doubt that.

Tomorrow I start my first day of After School and I am still not sure how it is going to be. My simple main goal would be to get my work ethics straightened out and my secondary goal would be try to get some new friends. Who knows, the possibilities are endless but it is just After School, how bad could it be? I shall let you guys know tomorrow.

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