Monday, November 15, 2010

School Event: Concepts/Ideas

So some of you guys may be wondering what kind of concepts you have for this school event and some of you guys may be also wondering, what kind of event is it. Well to be honest, I am going to let you guess on this one based on my concepts on this event.

Doing anything in life could be pointless, until now... So basically, when I do anything, there must be some kind of objective that must be completed. Since I am sooo lazy, things must be done to make me feel that I have accomplished at least something worthwhile. So I have only one objective to achieve and I do everything in my power to get that objective accomplished. If I do not accomplish that while doing things, I have completely wasted my time. The objective that you choose will benefit you because you wouldn't have as much to worry about, that objective will make you happy once completed than anything other thing in the world. Now, if you think about this, it means that while achieving that one certain goal, many other things would be achieved making one much happier. That is my key point...

"Happiness," I will be happy when I have achieved my goal and then everything behind it will trail off you making you the best thing ever while trying to achieve your initial goal. Other things will come to you automatically and you wouldn't have to worry about much.

PS.. I hope you understand, I am planning to have a rewrite of Concepts/Ideas when I have more time. I am sorry about that and I will also explain more on how this concepts ties into a school event....

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