Thursday, November 4, 2010

Starting Homework

Later in the blog, I will get more in depth on my views on homework and procrastination. The problems of starting homework is that there is no initiative and incentive or at least for me anymore. Grades are no longer a problem, it is all now about work ethics, when grades don't matter then it becomes a real problem. This problem needs to be adjusted immediately or else it would be pretty much over for me. So in order to do this, I must stop everything I am doing and start thinking about the homework. The problem with that is that when that happens, it just makes me sleepy and then I would go to sleep. I would say that since I am already in this type of situation, sleep is better than staying up being tired.

So it would either be sleep or homework. Another present problem is that sleep should always win and then sleep will be done and when I wake up, school would already start and it would be game over. So the thing is, once I achieve homework, I would stick with it which would be great. This would lead me in developing a good habit. But starting is near impossible for me at least, maybe for you guys it would be quick and easy.

Another problem is being in a depressed state makes it very hard for someone like me to start homework. It might make me think like "OH I HAVE TO CATCH UP" which I could but for some reason there is no flame within me that would let me do that. 

So right now I have homework and I should get started in it now... I will see what happens next.

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