Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why Blogger?

Well I didn't really start with Blogger before. I actually made a basic HTML page for myself for this blog. I just switched because I wanted to go live because it was pointless writing to absolutely nobody and I even stopped writing for a month because it got boring. I might do the same thing with Blogger, who knows. So since I wanted to go live, I did some research on which Blogsite would be the best. So I found Wordpress, Blogger, and LiveJournal. These three seemed to have stuck out and I wanted this to be a personal blog sort of so Wordpress was for professionals and did not suit me. My next choice was LiveJournal but it looked like some Myspace clone and it absolutely did not fit me so I just chose Blogger. 

Blogger seems to be pretty good, nice and clean and even can help me make money if this blog turned mainstream which I don't think it would. In the future, if this blog goes as planned, I guess I will just host my own site with my HTML code which I am of course working on. Since I am so busy with school, I just stopped developing it.

The thing is, I don't really think that this blog is going to go anywhere at all. My bet would be that I am going to shut down the blog by next week because it is pointless. I guess someone has to prove me wrong on this one but I am not sure if anyone cares enough. Anyways I will continue to post how I like Blogger and about my depressing teenage life later. Right now I guess its too early to determine anything I guess.

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