Thursday, November 4, 2010

Facebook... Comments/Pictures

The combination of the two words, comments and pictures, seem like a harmless combination for some, but for others, it may leave devastating effect. Pictures usually serve as a reminder for what happened during some special event. However, most of the pictures that are posted are usually filled with people who are just happy. A typical picture would consist of people who are just smiling or just acting out at some event. This is normal, but this is also the reason why people get depressed with them. These are the kinds of memories that kill us or at least me. So what is the problem? I think that pictures like this should just be displayed between private friends and not the public where people could see them. 

The only way to combat this is to just feel happy for the people in the picture or to just ignore everything all at once. However, It is hard to ignore if you already saw it though. That is the problem about this whole thing, it is hard to ignore. When you wish you were there when you weren't and then you see everyone but yourself, it just adds to the pain. The comments just add to in injury as they all collaborate and say how happy they were and all you want to say is "Fuck You, if I was there it would have been better." Excuse my language but I guess that is what I would do.

Some may think that I may be insane but others would absolutely say the same thing which brings me to my point. This blog is to talk about these kinds of issues not for me but for others so there is some kind of understanding for all of this. At least they are not alone and some other fucked up kid like me is actually coming out to blog about it.

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