Thursday, November 18, 2010

Work Ethic and a Solution

Hmm, it has been a day and so far it has been pretty successful for me. I have made some progress internally to get back on track but much more work has to be done. I am going to have to force myself to work and when I mean by force I mean literally. I am going to slap myself in the face if I don't start working. I have seen the problem to be towards my work attitude and I am going to slap it into shape. It is a good way to start anything if you have fallen into my kind of situation. So if you are sitting there in your chair reading this and its like 2am and you need to start your homework, slap your face four to six times hardly and you will start grabbing a book to start reading. It isn't only a good way to keep yourself in check to work but a good way to enhance your senses and to get you focused. It is kind of a last resort but for me its just a regular thing. But I have unfortunately found ways to bypass this so I have to keep thinking of checks to get myself to get working.

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