Saturday, November 20, 2010

Experiments and Concepts

Well lets see, today is a Saturday and it is always good to start homework after Friday or Saturday because Sunday could be a day of relaxation or a day of ultimate stress. So I wake up at 5am to get started because I am quite sure that I wouldn't be able to accomplish anything. So what do I accomplish? Well for five hours I accomplished absolutely nothing and that is terrible. I did watch a movie though which took about two hours. If you are wondering what movie, forget about it. Anyways so as I am waiting for what to do next I decide to finally open a blog so I can get my focus back to homework so for the next couple hours I could start it. It is really tough to get it actually started from the stuff I explained before in my other posts.

Today should be okay if I get something started. I have been bored for so long that I gave up pretty much and I am looking for something to do but then you may say that I could do my homework. That is quite impossible because of the situation. I might need to be forced to start homework or maybe I should slap myself but I am too lazy to do that even and it hurts. So this is terrible, I can't start my homework and I wasted 5 hours basically doing nothing important. A pretty bad start already for a Saturday. I am not sure what my next move is but it will be something interesting.

Today is the school event which I was talking about so I will make another post tomorrow to give a pretty much overview on how it was, then I will continue writing about concepts to approach these kinds of events. I will be giving brief ideas as well on my take on things and what I did. It should be somewhat interesting but will not be finished as I have other things to work on.

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