Sunday, December 5, 2010

First December Post

Before I have to start doing my homework again, this is my first December post. I never realized how far this blog has gone. Almost a month I think and I still did not quit yet. Even though nobody have been reading any of work, I just decided to post whats going on. Since I do not like blogs that are not updated, I know why people take so long to post something new. Unless it is there job, it sometimes gets annoying to post new things. Especially for this blog, I mean, I have no real incentive for posting. I just hope that people could read and learn from my experience. My experience has not been a good one, so I am not sure on what to say.

I am starting to sleep earlier now and I find that a big help. Not only am I more active in the day, I actually do not feel tired in class and not as angry in the morning as I usually am. So my suggestion for you readers out there is to sleep at like 10pm or 11pm. If you could sleep earlier, it would be great. Homework is always done more efficiently when waking up then trying to stay awake and doing it. Unless you feel under extreme pressure, then follow my advice and it should help.

I will try my best to keep this blog updated, I feel that it is useless but who knows. I want to try to get 5 followers or even maybe more but I know that is just a dream.

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