Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Small Push

After reading my previous posts, I have realized that patience has come through. Right now, I am under intensive help and supervision. My grades have not improved yet and I am awaiting some kind of result. Time has been moving much more quickly than I anticipated and it is strange. It is like I have landed upon some Strange New World. I understand now that I am unable to start anything without any push. The push can actually lead me to victory since I do have the fire burning within now to get my work done. I just need to be placed in an isolated area for a while. Since my location is not an isolated area, then it is just a terrible work space. I must work on ways to prevent myself on using the computer or any electronic devices. Than I could finally focus on my work and channel all my energy towards it. My writing skills have decreased lately and I have to bring that up to. My goal is to review my math and get my writing and grammar skills top-notch so I would understand.

So this small push is what I need. The small push could never happen if I am under stress and under a time constraint. I have learned this the hard way and I also learned that the internet has everything. From reviews to lessons on chapters. If I look for the material, it should be online and I could use that as my advantage. Since I am under intensive help, I must find a way to get more help but being self-independent. Maybe working with another fellow student would be nice. I must a way to stay positive as the lessons that I have with the intensive help are greatly spaced out. I must come up of a way to fix this, I also must plan out a strategy.

It is funny because my situation is similar to China and North Korea. Right now I am North Korea  and I think that I could be self-independent and so far China has been helping me. But once China leaves, I have to be Self-Sustaining. This is a problem that I must be patient with and see what I could do, but once it is achieved, than it should be all good. I do not think that would happen, so I would still have to let the motherland feed me. I have not been active with this blog, but I will continue to try, like I said, nobody ever reads this stuff and it is not good material.

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