Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Losing Everything

Now, I have to rethink my strategy. Not only did I lost a close friend, I am about to lose everything. Now how is this possible? It is possible because I have been so secretive. Ever since I started not to trust anyone, I have just been left out in the cold. People have no respect for me nor anything else at all. This has to change or else I will go insane. The only problem is that I might be too late already. My new strategy, however might help me retain what I already have left.

Here is a DJing lesson for all you student DJs out there. Whenever you screw up due to everyone coming up to the DJ table to request random songs, kick everyone out. If you are unable to and you do submit to their song choices, people will start to leave. Whenever they leave, people will tell you how much you suck. The trick to this is not to try getting the people to come back as they are already gone. The trick is to retain all the people that are already dancing. Never try new things that you have never tested unless you are a professional or have already tried it out.I will have more own this subject in later posts.

That is my new strategy. Since I cannot regain any friends, I must try to keep the ones I have now. I have to change drastically or else I will sink in my own ship. The ship I built had already sank before I let it set sail. Life is getting too out of hand and depressing as it is. Not only will I lose my current friends, but also the ones I got in Asia. I must adjust quickly or else I will fall. Things are not looking good, but it is time for me to turn these tides around.

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