Monday, December 13, 2010

Losing Someone

Well, I was associated or a friend with someone for a very long time. We were practically great friends but after elementary and middle school, we were separated for a extended period of time. I guess, I did not change much, but he did. When I talked to him, we would always have a somewhat mutual understanding of each other. But after playing one chess match with him, I have discovered how much he has evolved. It is a sad feeling to lose somebody, but I don't think I lost him, but I think he lost himself. He has changed so much and it feels that he isn't really being himself. I just want to tell him "Just be yourself and drop the act." I am afraid that I might be too late though.

Sure we still have a very nice mutual understanding of each other and I still hope he considers me somewhat of a friend. One day, I will say something, but for now, I guess it is just time for me to stay back and just observe what is going to happen. I really hope for the best for him, but that is just because if I don't make it, then he will.

So what I am trying to say is always keep close to the ones you care about and just drop the rest. It is not worth the time and effort trying to gain while you cannot maintain what you already have. Maybe I might be jealous of his success and my downfall, maybe it is time for me to change too. Like a comrade told me before "It is never too late..."

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