Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good People And Third Follower

Another step forward I see and my goal towards five is coming more apparent. I have a feeling that slow improvement is on its way after a huge slide down hill to hell. However, it might just be a dream because slow improvement only works 50% of time. Only depends if I am not half dead and tired before I start improving.

Today, I learned that not all the people in the world seek to kill me. I learned that some people are actually really helpful and has done me a huge favor. With this, I have learned to share and care for the rest of the community as that person with me. There are actually a few decent people left in this world and you guys can now consider me as one of them. I always already considered myself helpful, but I have turned to the dark side recently. Now that I have regained the vision to a brighter light, I understand that it does not matter if the other person does not pay me back. As long as he remembers the deed I have done and would maybe potentially help another that may struggle. This is a lesson I learned from a friend that I have just remembered too.

I have to re-define some of my concepts as they are becoming outdated. I also need to post them here so most of you guys could just take a quick glance on it. My system has become worn out and needs some adjustment to fit the criteria of the new world that is out there.

I don't know what I am talking about. I guess I will make another post that will justify this one. Anyways, I want to say "Hello" to my third follower. I still can't believe that I have kept this Blog up for this long. I usually do not like Blogs at all, but as long as I have this up, I am now known as a hypocrite or something like that.

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