Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not Impressed

I got some stuff done today, but I am not impressed in how I did it. I basically had a whole week to complete everything and again, I waited until the last moments. It seems that I need to improve on my time management skills but that won't work because of the distractions. There are too many distraction such as the PC and TV. These two things are evil and should be at all times avoided, however the flip side to it is that the PC is supposed to be some kind of necessity because it is required to do all kinds of things. So there is really no way to bypass the PC unless I make some rules and exceptions. 

I am working on a guide on how to beat depression and procrastination. This guide is one that I have tried today and it semi-worked. I will continue working on it and will post it once it is done. It is going to be really long and it might have 2 parts to it. Since it is going to be useful, I am somehow going to get it spread like wildfire so many others would know what to do if they face what I did.

Things are still not good over here, but I just meed to fine tune parts of my ideas and concepts to have it complete. I still don't know why I have this blog but maybe it helped me somehow. I still don't think things will ever be good. I will have more reported soon.

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