Monday, May 9, 2011

Everyone is Against Me

The topic title is totally true.

I have no friends nor family in this world. I am always alone. You might tell me to get off the computer and go out but trust me; I did. When I go out, I walk around seeing nothing at all. I accomplish nothing and it is worthless. I stay inside and I fail to accomplish the most simple of goals. My priorities are extremely messed up as of now. My mind has been completely disrupted with too many issues. I have many things to deal with and I am fairly certain that I could accomplish more in my own flat than my own house. This is the truth.

I have read a case study in where coffee shops seem to be a more productive place to work than home. I have to agree with some of the explanations because they seem reasonable. The pure silence at home is sometimes scary because you are alone. I usually do not work well under this condition because I know that my mind is weak. The sound of people around and just the noise help you feel that you are not alone and you have a purpose. Other reasons is that at home, you have no time limit and can finish whenever, but in the coffee shop, there is a closing time and people expect others to be working. If I started playing games in the library or coffee shop, they would be kicking me out. It would be a perfect place to get work done.

So yea, I have failed and I would like to move out of this house. I think that I could manage well by living in some cheap apartment. A small place with slow internet connection would be the best option for me. Not only would it help me focus more but it would allow me to be more independent so I could manage my time more wisely. As I always need to pay the rent, I would not waste my time reading articles but looking for jobs. This will also enable me to set goals so I could work faster and more efficiently. I would wash clothes by myself and be self-sufficient without the need of anyone.

It would be perfect.... or maybe it would lead to death...

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