Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sad World

 Findng Out

Anonymous said...
So I read some of your posts... And your About Me section... It seems you don't suffer from depression but you accpeted that you do. Yeah, life is sad...and unfair...and pretty stupid and not worth living when all we have is dull, stupid, sad things going on around us... And you cant go around your instincts and be a hypocrit and pretend you like something just because its socially acceptable... Thats whats wrong with you.. You are not a good actor.. If you manage to pretend you like stuff that everybody likes, not be rude to people than everything else will come to you.. You will get dumber.. But you have to choose. Be smart or be happy. In this world you cant have both. Ive tried and its impossible because people dont accept the truth. So you have to pretend, and you will notice that everyday you're getting dumber and dumber.. But that doesnt matter because your happy.. If you just like to be smart and cant be dumb then live what you can in pain and eventually you will reach a point that you see that theres is no sense in living... What a world we live in...
It's a sad world indeed. You helped me to notice.

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