Monday, August 5, 2013

Nothing to Lose

I think I have hit a point in life where it seems I have nothing left. As I sit in this empty room, I feel like I only have one last move to make before everything is over. I must stay strong though, because I believe this has happened once before in my life. I have been reading my past posts and it shows me what has happened before. It is a guide for me to continue on and to move forward. I don't know how far I can go, but it has to be better than now. It looks like I have to revert back to my old ways and start focusing on what is right. I am nobody's friend and nobody is my friend.

I am alone and only have comrades to count on. I feel like it's really time to start from square one again. But this time, I must do something different, something drastic. This time, I must make real friends and meet real special people who I can care about. I must forget about the past to continue on living the present to move into the future.

Maybe then, I can truly move on.

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