Sunday, January 31, 2016


Distractions are everywhere, news, sports, and even the internet itself. How much time have you wasted catching up with your favorite sport's teams? How much time have you wasted watching the news? How much time have you wasted binge watching videos on YouTube? I know I wasted many hours doing all these and started to realize that it has done nothing but waste my time and energy. Time and energy are valuable resources and should only be devoted to the things that MATTER.

The only people who should be focused on those mentioned above are the people who make a living off them. Are you making money by betting on teams? Fine! Are you a program manager at NBC and are forced to watch the news to see if it's good? Great! Are you making money by watching random YouTube videos? Fantastic! If you don't do any of those and are poor, then it's a waste of time. These are only a few of the many distractions that are out there. Anything that doesn't help you achieve your goals is a DISTRACTION.

How many hours are wasted  reading these answers?

We have been seduced folks.

The problem has grown bigger than I have ever imagined. Marketers have figured us out and are stealing our time and energy. It's evil in plain sight and we have welcomed it into our lives. We have grown so used to it that we even enjoy it. It's time to recognize and reject these evils.

It's time to focus.

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