Friday, November 26, 2010

Crazy People

People have gone crazy, nobody has patience anymore. I have to say that if somebody has patience then they will succeed. Rome was never built in a day, that is something I heard from many people. Parents are not patient and they are crazy, I understand that now. I can no longer trust anybody anymore and information must be much more tighter now. If it means I must check my mailbox everyday or make sure no unnecessary letters are sent out so be it. I will have to organize a private location to hold my goods. Let me say this again, I am not the one who stopped working, I am the one that is reviving work and getting back into the groove of working. If nobody allows me to do it, then I can never get back to the groove of working. This is a problem and I must resolve it immediately, even if it means death, I would gladly trade that for peace and quiet. I must plan ahead for a grim future, so I must think about moving out and living on my own somewhere and building from there. I will not bring my computer, I might sell it and use the public computers at a library or something. Things are not good anymore, but they could be good if patience comes through.

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