Sunday, November 21, 2010

Driving my Blog to success

Well, I am going to prove that without any marketing efforts, I could drive this blog to success. So I am going to say this blog is about my discouraging life and concepts and ideas that I have come up with to help me bypass problems and reach my ultimate goal of happiness. Of course there will still be ideas on life and what is going on with my life but if you can read from my Sudden Death posts, I will be more busier than usual. So I am going to post not only more about my bad life but I will also be posting some helpful information that might actually turn this blog into some sort of Tech Blog or maybe even App Blog. I might make a separate thing for that later though. Anyways time for my current life...

Self-Improvement through self motivation is the game I am trying to play. It is absolutely difficult if there are no incentives but now I do have one and that is my dropped grades at school. So now I have to really force myself to get working or else I would have to work at some factory earning like fifty cents an hour or something. Things are just not looking good now as time passes on. I will have another post saying contradicting  "Time = Fast" I can say that time is slow and I have plenty of it on my side.

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