Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sudden Death Pt.3

Well I decided to go to this school event. I will tell you that it went completely smoothly as my objective of this event was to practice and gain respect from some people. It worked out perfectly but the only problem was that I was only able to be satisfied, I was unable to get anything along the way but that doesn't matter. As long as I was able to complete my initial objective I am satisfied. Now I must say that this idea/concept that I have developed works for me at least pretty much. I will be build more upon it later on but right now I will write a draft on how this concept/idea works so you can use it for next time if you had an event or something. I even took notes on what I did wrong during the events and could take a look at them when the event happens again.

Concept/Idea One By Average Teen
First comes an event or some kind of thing that must be attended towards.
Second Step:You must plan one long-term objective that you know if you complete you would completely satisfied.
Third Step: When you attend the event, you must understand the situation, do five minutes of research.
Fourth Step: To complete the objective effectively and take notes on what you may have did wrong.
Fifth Step: While you are doing the fourth step, you must understand that you should have side focuses as well.
Sixth Step: Enjoy everything you worked for, you deserve it. 

I will elaborate on these steps in a later post but I have accomplished something and fully satisfied. Even though I did not pick up some things along the way I am still satisfied and have notes so I could later improve if this situation arises.

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