Sunday, November 7, 2010

End of the road

Well, I still didn't start my homework and it is getting late. I am going to swear to myself right now that I am going to start my homework right after I finish posting this post. I really hope this is going to help me because I have a feeling that it might. I have so much work to catch up on and had so much time to finish it but it is all with procrastination. As I can check the statistic of the blog, I can see it is going nowhere, nobody has even seen any of my posts, so I guess this will be a self-journal thing only for myself. I can see that I can not in anyway achieve my goals.

It is quite sad really, I thought before I made this blog that I had a chance to at least get like 20 views and 2 consistent readers. Blogging is harder then it looks and that has made it more depressing for me. I think I might need some help or talk to someone that could help but that goes against my concept of self-help which I will post later in my self-journal. I don't know if I could continue writing posts like this because it is just a waste of time for me. The thing is I think that posting this post might actually help me than hurt. I heard from a person before that it is better to express the emotions before dying from it. So here goes, I wish myself the best of luck, when I click "Publish Post" I will stop everything I am doing and start focusing on my first homework assignment. A good friend or my only friend watching out for me told me something that I thought I knew but I really didn't "Take it one step at a time." I am going to follow that suggestion and this will be my first step to recovery. Here goes nothing...

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