Thursday, November 4, 2010

Giving Up Already...

So this is my third post I guess and I guess I am thinking about how sad it is to write in a blog that nobody would ever find as there are millions of other blogs out there. So I guess I have to find out ways on how to make mine stick out and I guess that would be my new goal. It is funny because I am already thinking about quitting because I think it is a waste of time being here. I could think of millions of other things to do...

 This is part of my problem, I am not thinking positively as I am already in a depressed mood. I guess you could say I feel lonely sitting at home. Some would say I should be outside but the problem with that is I would have nowhere to go outside. I see people always saying go outside for a change... but what is outside? I would say the Sun is outside and good old nature. That doesn't solve any real problems at all. Going outside with no plan is unproductive but going outside with a plan is though.

I still can't believe that I am thinking about quitting. This is not the way I should approach things and I will do my best to continue writing to an non-existent audience. I guess my motives was to have readers, but I have learned that in order to have readers, I must produce quality content. I am not sure if my content has quality but content is content. I will try to earn my readers respect for me and to start with that I will gain more confidence and to start I won't delete this blog which I just made about 30 minutes ago.

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