Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sudden Death Pt.2

Continuing on from what I have been saying in Part 1 of Sudden Death. I am going to refer back to my post School Event: Concepts/Ideas as I started off with an idea that I have used in Asia to accomplish something. This is going to be confusing and I might make a Part 3 to help the readers to understand.

Now before I went to Asia, I had one thing in my mind. In school I had summer homework assignments and I had a fun trip to Asia. Now I was sitting down on my desk trying to figure out what I was going to do as I wanted to have fun but the thing was I needed to get my work done. So I developed this concept and idea that since I would only go for a month and a half in Asia, when I get back I will finish everything in half a month. I looked at the home work and thought that it couldn't be that much homework. After thinking more about it I knew it was completely going to fail because I knew that I couldn't have any fun if I knew I should have been doing my summer assignments. So I thought of another idea....

It was just an idea that I should just focus on accomplishing one thing during the trip and the two main choices was to get work done or have fun. Now there is something with this focusing on accomplishments idea. It is something that people would always say as they think focusing on something 100% is always good. I on the other hand knew that I couldn't get my work done if I do 50/50. So it was either have fun or finish my homework and I couldn't do homework first and then have fun because I would have missed all the fun and if I chose have fun and then do homework  then it would just be too late at night to do anything because I would be tired. So the idea was to focus on doing one thing right and I will be happy and I would know that I accomplished something. So I decided to have fun and having fun was good. The thing about that was I screwed up because I was still young compared to the others so I learned a lot about having fun so it was still a good accomplishment.

Well the idea would be when going anywhere at all or doing anything, you must always have one goal to do that you must complete to be satisfied. It could be as simple as learning to brush your teeth with your left hand but while you are doing that, you might have a chance of accomplishing something else while you are learning to brush your teeth with your left hand which would be total success. Then your moral has risen and you are totally happy. So that is what I did, I accomplished some of my homework while having fun which was my goal and I was totally happy. I had a good time in Asia while not expecting to finish any of my work but since I did, I was not as depressed as I did now.

While I was on the plane back to the USA, I wanted to apply that idea to something like school. But I screwed up my choices as I wanted to have fun at school. As I had fun I screwed up my grades but was improving but I was sort of happy but I should have chosen to do well at school then having fun. My choice pick was not good and now I am screwed because now I am going to some after school. This is just not a good time for me as everything from now on is going downhill. 

So now what is my decision for after school? Should I saw "FUCK IT" I am going to rock the school while studying or should I say "I WILL STUDY HARD" and have fun on the side? I know that I have tried option one and it failed miserably so I will do option two. I will study and that will me my goal while having my side goal as having fun. This puts me one step ahead of my game. Drastic times calls for DRASTIC MEASURES.. I will be updating to see what happens during my stay in some after school.

One more thing that I am mad at is that I can not attend my school event. I still might have a chance, I was going to test the above concepts to this school event but I guess I have a better test subject to see how it goes. I am a little disappointed in myself and extremely mad at the same time since I allowed it to happen. I will continue adjusting and will see what will happen in the future.

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