Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Tester: Season 2 || Videos and Links

Well, I have to say that I have watched it, some scenes are funny. I will post the links that I have watched it on, so all of you guys could watch it too. I know that this blog won't get anywhere, unless I provide incentive for people. Just like Best Ipod Text/Voice App, I am going to provide some info. This may be kind of off-topic to the blog, but be assured, I'll update you guys accordingly. I found these links that you should check out, if you want to watch "The Tester Season 2" on your computer.

The Tester: Season 2 Episodes 1-8
Ep. 1 - http://www.videobb.com/video/S6vtjUNVqZ4x        
Ep. 2 - http://www.videobb.com/video/AXcqe7cUugV4         
Ep. 3 - http://www.videobb.com/video/wT69Qe2PZJy2       
Ep. 4 - http://www.videobb.com/video/2ZpZaVeQtqqw    
Ep. 5 - http://www.videobb.com/video/NQxC1guQrUCT        
Ep. 6 - http://www.videobb.com/video/AZjWAM3pv19f      
Ep. 7 - http://www.videobb.com/video/iODey051ikvz        

Ep. 8 - http://www.videobb.com/video/t8hq4dd3S6L7

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