Saturday, January 22, 2011

Deductive Reasoning

I have lost something important and I am trying my best to recover it. I have written a series of things I remember on when I saw this item. It should be helping, but there is only one problem. The problem is the transitional phases between the events. I can not figure out what happened between the events and where the object may have been during those periods of time. I also can not figure out how I remember one major event which was putting it on the floor before dozing off. It doesn't seem to make sense. Maybe that part was some kind of illusion and I never really did that. I remember doing it, so I concluded that it should be in the house, but it isn't. Something went wrong somewhere and it is my job to figure it out. There are three possibilities and I hope one of the three isn't true.

I also reported this to some people I know and as a strange response, I get a callback from a strange number. I do not pick up because I do not have a mic so I do not know who it is. I want to find out though because they may have the answers to my problem. Things are getting stranger by the minute and I need to start studying or I will fail my examination tests to pass to the next levels of life.

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