Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bad Day? Again?

Well, today was suppose to be some kind of special day, but again it wasn't. My judgment seems to be clouded from the reality. The days of happiness are over and the time of sorrow and regret will set in soon. I think that I have to move somewhere by myself or else I would be shrouded with threats. Things have never been good for me and I was even planning to delete this blog because I have lost interest. The thing is, I haven't really lost interest. Maybe the readers have lost interest because of my repetition of writing with no progress.

Nobody ever recognizes others feelings because they oversee it or do not care. Every action taken by one will always have a counter reaction. As time days get warmer, my heart will become colder. I will only be happy when I get put to sleep or I hit the lottery. I am thinking about quitting, but maybe that is a lie. Too much confusion and misjudgment will be my downfall. My future is totally unclear and I can not slip anymore. I must regain my confidence and move forward. I will do that in the coldest way I can if I could. I need to start reviewing and get everything done. 

Things have gotten serious. If I do not start now, it will be over. Others have worked already and now it is my turn.