Monday, May 30, 2011

A Coffee Shop

As I sit in this coffee shop, I type this post. It is sort of a depressing scene, but it is the only way that I could get my work done. It is a supposed working environment because while everyone is working, I must get my work done as well. I feel lonely writing this post but I am also happy. This is because I around others that must get their work done. As soon as my work is done, then I have accomplished something nice. Sure, the internet isn't as good at the one back home, but it is a working environment. I can focus a lot better and I could get $0.50 refills.

My life hasn't really been improving but it is moving forward. Sure, I won't be anyone great in life, but at least I tried. I wanted to make a difference, but I failed at an early stage. Unfortunately in this world, there are no second chances. The only chance I had to change, I messed up and miscalculated. Now I am stuck in a hole with nothing. There is no recovery from this blackhole. Once stuck, I will always be stuck. I can keep telling myself that there is a way out, but it is just false prosperity. I will keep looking and when I finally do find it, I will post it here.

I do have some people that are looking out. I can at least say that but I must trust nobody. Friends are nonexistent, but they can be when I want it to be. I do hope things change for the better, but I do not think it will. I have already been trying for many months, but I am at the same place. In a never ending hole stuck in the middle of nowhere.

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