Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I don't know what to do and I do not know what to say. I have fucked up this year. I am not sure how to recover because I see no chance. My life is basically over because of the mistakes I made this year. It was undeniable because my fundamental concepts were weak. I have accomplished nothing but a thousand failures. However, with all these failures, I will hopefully find one success. Everything is a process and the one I have is slow. I will report further, but I have little to say. I do not want to burden you guys with shit that does not make sense. There is no real audience for this anyways so this blog is still solely for myself. I just hoped for someone to follow and see if they could actually benefit from reading. According to results, I do not think that is happening at all.

I can't believe that one year could make a huge difference. Even with two years under my belt, this one year could just screw everything over. There are no second chances. There is only one chance in life unless I get lucky. I know some of you reading may say something like "Fuck You." I agree, I should be not around anymore. I don't deserve this. I deserve nothing... It is over and I am not sure how to explain or do anything. My mind is dead...

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