Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time is Up

Winter is coming...

I have been busy for the past couple of months applying all my concepts and putting them into good use. I have been able to pick myself up and moved forward to a better place. The problem now is that maybe I am burnt out. I have disregarded all my friendships for better results of my academic life. I am not even sure if I could get up to a higher academic institution before getting shot down. I am just hanging on a piece of string with not much time left. I have wasted a lot of time today. I am scared of reverting back into my old self; however, I am scared that my new self might destroy what's left of me.

It is times like these that I make a post here. I already wanted to abandon this project all together, but for some reason, it is a safe haven for me. Even though nobody reads it, I am grateful that it is here. I think my time is almost up and I need to start re-evaluating my worth. I also need to get some new friends or I will always be stuck in the situation I am in now. I shall post more frequently when I have time. Thanks for reading.

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