Monday, January 17, 2011

Daily Grind

Since I wasted the whole weekend... I basically have today to just finish up EVERYTHING. I have a lot of stuff to work on and I am not sure if I could finish everything in 11 hours. I am mad because it wasn't suppose to be like this at all. I was suppose to finish some work yesterday and the day before. Now I am screwed and just thinking how I could fix the problem before the dreaded day tomorrow. It just sucks that this always happens to me because it is HORRIBLE. I will make a follow-up post on how to deal with situations like this.

Anyways, I have another social event coming up in the following months. The social event will be for 3 days. It is much bigger than the other one (Sudden Death Pt.3). I will make a concept guide for that one too and will be applying old concepts towards it. I still think I wasted too much money on it because I just did. Things are just terrible and I will see what happens as the days pass.

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