Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Going With The Flow...

This is the second time I messed up a plan. I always think things through before going through something big. However, the first time I did think of the plan and executed, I found out that whatever I planned had completely failed which made my life miserable. I told myself to go with the flow and the next time I actually went with the flow and everything worked out perfectly. I was going to continue this trend, but today, I had a feeling that I should have went with the flow, but then I decided against it and it happened to me again. My plan had completely failed and I feel miserable now.

Whenever you think something horrible is going to happen, you should go through with it because its better than just avoiding it. That happened to me today and it makes me feel so bad because I wasted time. I also think that I lost people's respect. This is horrible because I didn't screw up the second time, but the third time, I just completely went against myself and pretty much didn't learn from my first mistake. So, yea it is better to confront something than avoid it. It makes people learn and move forward.

I have no idea what I just wrote, but I will do a follow-up in a future post regarding this. I make no sense and if you were able to follow me, then wow. My final words for you now is to go with the flow, you never know where the river might take you. I went against it and I drowned to death, tomorrow is going to be a rough day.

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