Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Month

New month and new challenges awaits me. Damn, what am I talking about? My life is still in shambles and everything is just going downhill. I am believing in false prosperity and I already told myself that it didn't work. I am tricking myself and that isn't good. I wasted my time and prioritizing poorly. I just want to be left alone and be a wandering assailant or something like that. Why does everything have to be so bad? Is life always this bad? I don't think so because others seem happy. I have to raise my weapon one day and then go to sleep or something. Things aren't good.

I saw a program on the television talking about social networks. They had studies that proved my point (Comments/Pictures.) They stated that the pictures are total bullshit and that people have a tendency to believe that others are having a great time. It leads to more depression like what I said. This proves my theory that my own studies are correct. Social Networking sites are killers and should be avoided. That is what I learned and I am going to keep to that.

I haven't been saying much in this blog because there isn't much to say. I have pretty much exhausted my words and I just don't have anything interesting. Just depressing and more depressing with each post. I could fake my posts and say things are improving or I could tell the hard truth and say that life is becoming death. I have made an emergency backup plan if things fail. This backup plan will be going back to square one and I will be happy there. Anyways, this blog has been a waste and I am sorry that I wasted a lot of your time reading into this shit. I'll keep you updated though, after all a goal of this blog is to help at least one person. Please heed my warnings and look into my theories so you could maybe somehow improve and be better than me.

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